Our Mission

The DesignOps Network is on a mission... 

Our Mission

The DesignOps Network is on a mission to support designers, researchers and developers in their varied communities all over the world.

Our History

The DesignOps Network (DON), was founded in 2019 and grew from a community of research and design practitioners that were oprationsalisng the way we practice design.

We are now a global not-for-profit organisation focused on research, design, and innovation operations. We provide a professional network for people and organisations interested how to deliver better design and better customer experiences with a focus on accessibility and inclusivity - design for all.

The network is a driver of design excellence, change for good, development and innovation within the practices of research, design and development of digital products and services. 

Through national and international events, online publications and collaboration with academic institutions, our members and network connects people, organisations, agencies, business, and government to help improve the way we do design within both public and private sectors. 

Our members and supporters are dedicated to evolving design, its associated practices and develop their communities - we are focused on knowledge-sharing, collaboration and ideas exchange.

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Contact Us

1 Saint Peters SqManchester, United Kingdominfo@designops.network

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